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Morningstar Ritual Outline

Pretty much all of these are optional. The key actions are probably the Holy Mother prayer, circle, and ritual. Invoke as many or as few spirits/deities as seems appropriate. Be sure to nest the invocations and devocations. Align and Unbinding (usually individually) Holy Mother Prayer Cast Circle Invoke Spirits (Guardians, Ancestors and Descendants, Spirits of… Continue reading Morningstar Ritual Outline

The 2019 Building of the Tomb of Birth

Originally posted at Before the ritual those at the 2019 retreat discussed the process for building the tomb – general architecture and order of the ritual. Ari stepped in to walk us through the way to the temple; Tony stepped forward to greet the Egregore; and Louise stepped forward to begin the walk to… Continue reading The 2019 Building of the Tomb of Birth