Signing Up To Open the Temple

The signup sheet for 2022 is here:

The Temple Keys

November 2017 Retreat White Gate: Stream of Blood Black Gate: Stream of Mind Peacock Gate: Stream of Soul, now recombined! To open the Temple doors: I seek liberation To close the Temple doors when leaving: May my liberation liberate 2016 Retreat Thorn changed the keys as follows: White Gate: I Black Gate: AmPeacock Gate: Truth… Continue reading The Temple Keys

Why Do We Do Astral Travel?

From Thorn: It teaches us things about ourselves and the realms seen and unseen that we might not otherwise learn. We can better assess the ways in which magic exists in Mind, Energy, Emotion, and Matter. We can stretch ourselves and our perceptions. We can learn to practice, without knowing whether or not something is… Continue reading Why Do We Do Astral Travel?

Entering the Astral Temple

Here’s what Thorn posted back when we first set it up. This is still the basic procedure. My one request is to not get caught up in ‘doing it right’. Follow the instructions to the best of your ability and just go! Do what cleansing and aligning you feel is needed. Cast sphere if it… Continue reading Entering the Astral Temple