Our mission is:

the illumination of each person’s true will, the teaching, transmission, and sharing of practices that promote and sustain its discovery and manifestation, and the continuing development of each person as they follow their True Will stepping into greater levels of power, passion, and service to other humans, their gods, and this beloved earth. We remember. We practice. We serve.

Our history:

The school is is an evolution of study rooted in the work of T. Thorn Coyle’s workshops, writing and guidance. Morningstar Mystery School was founded as an online school in 2008 for advanced studies after completion of a two year course of study with Thorn. At its founding, Morningstar Mystery School was an arm of the Solar Cross Temple.  In 2016, Thorn officially stepped down as head of the school, and in 2017 Morningstar Mystery School became an independent non-profit corporation.

Our Work:

Morningstar’s teachings are well watered in the Andersonian Feri tradition. However, at its founding, the school chose to separate itself from the tradition, pursuing a non-initiatory path toward adept-hood for its students. Many of the terms and exercises commonly used by Morningstar teachers and students are rooted in Andersonian Feri-based concepts and practices, such as the Iron and Pearl Pentacles, and the Triple Soul and importance of Soul Alignment.

The Morningstar curriculum begins outside of the school proper, with the Elements–a two year course of study that takes a student through a deep and unflinching study of self in relationship to the four classical Elements and the seven directions. Upon completion of Elements, a student may apply to enter Morningstar Mystery School, where they will continue and deepen their work. 

Although there is a standard path of study, each student focuses their work on the aspects that are most applicable to their particular needs and desires. Courses are offered in a set pattern and timed to flow from one to the other. However, students are welcome to participate in all offered courses in any order, so long as they have completed any prerequisite work or courses. 

The goal of our studies is that of self-possession. That is a coming into relationship and communication with all of the parts of self, especially those parts that are most hidden or difficult. Our belief is that coming into full relationship with all of our parts allows us to come to full relationship with the wider multiverse: with our friends and families, our communities and environments, our physical world as well as the unseen realms.

We work with particular Gods and Guardians, who are aligned with the school and our goals, but we do not require adherence to any set belief system other than openness to new ideas.

Morningstar Mystery School is operated and run by our membership. We are fully non-profit and have no paid staff. Our teaching faculty is made up of members who have completed the entire curriculum and achieved a level of adept-hood and self-possession. Our Board of Directors is elected from the membership, and the operation of the school is run through member-lead committees that we call Pillars.


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