Jennifer finds her magic and power in art making, dancing, and cooking as well as the more traditional Craft activities of keeping and tending altars for her Ancestors and Gods. She values experience and embodied knowledge over concepts and doctrines and sees Magic as a living, breathing thing that needs to change and shift to remain vital and effective in our lives. Jennifer’s formal study of the Craft began in 1996 in the Reclaiming tradition, and following that a long term study with T. Thorn Coyle that began in 2003. She is an initiate of Anderson Feri Tradition Witchcraft and a member of Morningstar Mystery School (since its formation in 2008). Jennifer believes in meeting Nature where she finds it (Hint: NOT camping) and that Glam Rock as a cultural movement probably came closest to figuring it all out. 


Laura is a witch, a poet, a natural project manager type-A organizer, and a lover of dance. Since the first time she toddled into the crashing waves of the ocean Laura has felt the call of nature’s raw force and has followed the way it delightfully tugs at her core. She has studied witchcraft, often self directed but never alone, for over 25 years and has been part of the pagan community in Maryland for over 20 years. In that time she has facilitated workshops, taught public rituals, taught a small online 2 year witchcraft intensive, and organized DC’s Pagan Pride Day. She has been involved with Morningstar Mystery School for 7 years when she took the Elements class in 2012. She is deeply dedicated to inspecting the ways in which western occultism can own its past of appropriation and theft while respectfully using the tools to create much needed change in the world. Laura strives to start each day, each conversation and each project with a simple breath, and moment of gratitude.