Entering the Astral Temple

Here’s what Thorn posted back when we first set it up. This is still the basic procedure. My one request is to not get caught up in ‘doing it right’. Follow the instructions to the best of your ability and just go! Do what cleansing and aligning you feel is needed. Cast sphere if it… Continue reading Entering the Astral Temple

How to Set Up a Zoom Call

Zoom is the tool Morningstar uses for video chats like the all-school chat and the various committee meetings. To set up a Zoom call, do the following: Go to http://www.zoom.us. Click Sign In in the upper right corner of the screen. When prompted, enter the login information for the account (don’t have it? Contact Ealasaid!)… Continue reading How to Set Up a Zoom Call

Process of Becoming a Teacher

Anyone involved in Morningstar is free to organize classes and teach from their own work, tradition, perspective, etc., and can acknowledge Morningstar as an influence. Anyone can organize local in-person study groups, practice groups, devotionals, and so forth. Advanced students who have completed a core curriculum module and are interested in revisiting it may volunteer… Continue reading Process of Becoming a Teacher

Propose a Morningstar Class

This process only applies to those wishing to teaching a class as a Morningstar class, using the school’s name, traditions, and resources. You do not need permission to teach classes in which Morningstar is an influence but you are teaching from your own work, tradition, perspective, etc. You are also always welcome to invite people… Continue reading Propose a Morningstar Class

Tuition Payments

Morningstar Mystery School accepts tuition payments in the following ways: Recurring autopay through PayPal (highly recommended) Manual payment through PayPal Check – make it out to Morningstar Mystery School and send to:John Mirassou, PO Box 67370, Scotts Valley, CA 95067 How Does MMS Spend Our Tuition Money? Tuition monies are used for the various infrastructure… Continue reading Tuition Payments

Contact Information

Pillar/Role Anchor Email Address Board of Directors MStarBoard@morningstarmysteryschool.com Teaching & Curriculum Pillar MStarTeaching@morningstarmysteryschool.com Research & Alumni Pillar MstarResearchAlumn@morningstarmysteryschool.com Temple & Tech Pillar Laura MstarTempleTech@morningstarmysteryschool.com Retreat Committee Retreat@morningstarmysteryschool.com

Morningstar Circle Casting

Wand in non-dominant hand, blade in dominant hand. Cross them over chest. Center. Align. Cast starting in the East. Draw pentagram to open the energies: Say out loud: “Dawning Knowledge”. South. Draw pentagram to open the energies: Say out loud: “Inner Flame”. West. Draw pentagram to open the energies: Say out loud: “Heartfelt Daring”. North.… Continue reading Morningstar Circle Casting

Bob’s Rules of Order

These rules are used by the Morningstar Mystery School Board of Directors and are available for general use by Morningstar Mystery School when having formal meetings, both for Pillars and for other group meetings. These rules are not mandatory outside Board meetings. Requirements for Holding a Meeting Before a meeting begins, the following criteria must… Continue reading Bob’s Rules of Order