The 2019 Building of the Tomb of Birth

Originally posted at Before the ritual those at the 2019 retreat discussed the process for building the tomb – general architecture and order of the ritual. Ari stepped in to walk us through the way to the temple; Tony stepped forward to greet the Egregore; and Louise stepped forward to begin the walk to… Continue reading The 2019 Building of the Tomb of Birth

2019 Retreat Info

Copied from this forum post for posterity on 5/17/22: Retreat Update I know there have been a lot of posts and surveys and more posts.. so this is our catch all post with date range, space, location, what we need now, and what we need going forward.The date!November 14th – Thursday check in through… Continue reading 2019 Retreat Info

2019 Retreat Report

Imported from this forum post 5/17/22: All, Below is the retreat report which will also be saved as a PDF to our files/on our Wiki. Please let me know of any edits/questions. The 2019 Retreat took place in Truth or Consequences, NM at the ‘Pelican Spa’ a resort where we had a main room… Continue reading 2019 Retreat Report

Retreat 2019: Guardian Ritual

This is an import of the Google doc here: (imported 5/17/22) “We invoke the Guardians of Matter, Space, and Time. We call them from their vast and distant realms, from the edges of the edgeless worlds. We invoke them from the chambers of our hearts, reflections of their vastness. To summon the Guardians, we… Continue reading Retreat 2019: Guardian Ritual

Retreat Logistics

This is in progress, and is intended as a general starting point when planning a new retreat. Before the Retreat Need a local coordinator to interface with locations Need a rides coordinator to gather info on who is arriving when and facilitate rides to and from the airport. At the Retreat Roles Overall: Local coordinator… Continue reading Retreat Logistics

2019 Retreat Schedule

Thursday  Time Agendum Anchor/Presenter Time checker/vibes 3-6pm 2 convoys – 1 at 1:30, another 3:30? Retreat Team 6-7  Intentional Intros Retreat Committee:Intros: names/pronounsGo over values statement, that folks can step away, sign up for tasks, Call out CRB (laura to make outlinechant/singing/something 7pm – 10 pm Altar setup? Seed /ask for ritual ideas Friday –  Time… Continue reading 2019 Retreat Schedule