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2019 Retreat Info

Copied from this forum post for posterity on 5/17/22:

Retreat Update

I know there have been a lot of posts and surveys and more posts.. so this is our catch all post with date range, space, location, what we need now, and what we need going forward.
The date!
November 14th – Thursday check in through Sunday the 17th.

The space!
Truth or Consequences, NM

Thank you to Cedar found a great space that is offering us a 20% discount off of the listed price:

Housing Cost!
For 12 people plus a meeting loft space the quoted cost is $2157.18  This is $179.77/person for the weekend stay. We know this is $19 more a person than last year – but given all the hot spring action possibilities the committee felt the cost balanced out, and we are going to look at the food budget to see if we can save some $$ there.
Food budget is TBD, but last year it was $75 per person.

We have been assured if the number folks goes up, and they don’t want to sleep in the loft/common space we can get more rooms, we will be closely watching the numbers and will work with all attendees to make sure we are comfortable and are having our needs met!

What we need from you
1. $80 dollar deposit to secure your spot by August 31st (if you need accommodations on the deposit please contact a member of the retreat committee)
2. Your patience!
    1. We will be unrolling more info (food info, call for workshops, schedule needs, ride coordination) on a rolling basis. Right now we wanted to get out in one space (that we will keep returning to) the date and space and cost
3. Any questions – feel free to contact any member of the committee- we will use questions/suggestions/feedback as we roll out info (in one week)

Thank you all for all the ways you show up in MorningStar, and in the world

The Retreat Committee
Ari, Cedar, Laura, Louise

From Laura:

1. Please put in your deposit!! Please reach out to the retreat committee if you want to request a scholarship 2. We want your workshop proposal!!! This year’s retreat mission, theme, focus as it were: We remember.  We practice. We serve.  We would love to receive your idea about a workshop… here are some prompts to get you thinking:

What would you like to revisit/refresh?

What are you working and need help with?

What would you like to carry forward/evolve with?

Please send your retreat proposal to:

Let us know who is/are teaching, what your needs are, and how long you estimate your workshop taking    3. Tracking travel As you book travel, please be sure to update our google doc:

From Louise:

Announcement regarding Cords

Each year at our annual retreat, we have a ritual to acknowledge the work each of us continues to do in our lives and in the world.  If you feel ready for a cord and are not coming to the retreat, follow the same information below and let me know so we can cut and charge your cord at the retreat, then send it to you by mail.  Also, if you have cords that need to be replaced, we can cut and charge those too.

Our cords are not hierarchical; they do not bestow authority in Morningstar.  The cords represent your work and your continued connection to the Work.  We stand together in ritual to celebrate, support, and witness your Holy journey.

Please consider if you are ready for your next cord while pondering the descriptions below:

White Cord:  Proficient in using basic psychic abilities; works well with energy, centering, and boundary techniques; and has a strong daily spiritual practice.  Has worked on personal awareness, and the practices of presence and soul alignment.

Blue Cord:  Understands the uses of bringing magic and depth into every aspect of our lives.  Is a solid, autonomous practitioner with an active sense of their own will.  Firmly on the road of seeking their Divine Work.

Gold Cord:  Engaging with the work toward self-possession, furthering work with the Planes of Stability and facing shadows to walk toward integration and consistent connection with their God Soul and with God Hirself.

Braided Cord:  Self Mastery and Self Possession.  For those fully doing the Work of this God, their True Will who are dedicated to continuing the work of Morningstar in the world.

Additionally, we ask you to check in with two peers in Morningstar about your work and whether you are ready to claim your cord.

Please email Louise at: which cord you will be claiming by Monday, October 28th.  This way, we can have enough cords to distribute.

From Laura:

Happy Full Moon!!!! Some quick updates/reminders for the retreat

1. Please pay the remaining balance of your retreat costs. We are sorry this wasn’t in our original timeline, and thank you everyone for paying the deposit for our retreat! If you haven’t already please be sure to, before the retreat pay your balance. For each person the payment was $179.77 + 75 for food, totaling 254.99, so if you paid $80 in your deposit, please pay the school 174.99 (by PayPal link, or you can also search us by email –
2. Please, if you haven’t already enter your travel info  We are going to need for at least one person to rent a car and drive, so the sooner we get the flight info in, we can see how folks naturally group up and figure out riding.
3. We are working (and by we – @Cedar is really doing the heavy lifting here ) on the menu. Please email the retreat committee about any/all dietary constraints The sooner this is done the better, as @Cedar is preparing food in advance (and from his garden) and we want to accommodate all of the schools unique needs. We have pretty good memories and will have gluten free, soy free, vegan, and omni options – but please be sure to affirm any needs you have so we can make sure we all have full bellies while doing this deep work.

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