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Code of Ethics


Morningstar teachers offer practices and guidance to facilitate students’ connection with Sex and Spirit, that all may move toward Self-Possession and the Work of This God. Morningstar teachers do not begin sexual relationships with students.


Morningstar teachers deliver value to their students, and support students in developing their own sense of pride, will, and autonomy. Morningstar teachers do not encourage dependency or submission of life force from their students to teachers or the School.


The Self is each student’s ultimate teacher, and Morningstar teachers act in service to each student’s process of remembering this truth. Morningstar teachers do not misrepresent their lives or skills, nor do they make promises about how the Work will unfold for each student, as that will differ for each student depending upon their dedication and destiny.


Morningstar teachers accept responsibility for the results of their actions. Morningstar teachers encourage students to step into power, and do not engage in coercive or disempowering relationships with students. Morningstar teachers may accept compensation for their time and teaching, yet also strive to make the teachings accessible to all regardless of income.


Morningstar teachers actively engage in their own spiritual work, and practice the tools that they offer to students. Morningstar teachers value the goal of Self-possession over rigidity of practice and belief.

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