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Each year at our annual retreat, we have a ritual to acknowledge the work each of us continues to do in our lives and in the world. If you feel ready for a cord and are not coming to the retreat, follow the same info below and let me know so we can cut and charge your cord at the retreat and send it to you by mail. Also, if you have cords that need to be replaced we can cut and charge those too.

Please consider if you are ready for your next cord while pondering the descriptions below:

Our cords are not hierarchical, they do not bestow authority in Morningstar. The cords represent your work and your continued connection to the Work. We stand together in ritual to celebrate, support, and witness your Holy journey.

White Cord: Proficient in using basic psychic abilities, works well with energy, centering, and boundary techniques, and has a strong daily spiritual practice. Has worked on personal awareness, and the practices of presence and soul alignment.

Blue Cord: Understands the uses of bringing magic and depth into every aspect of our lives. Is a solid, autonomous practitioner with an active sense of their own will. Firmly on the road of seeking their Divine Work.

Gold Cord: Engaging with the work toward self-possession, furthering work with the Planes of Stability and facing shadows to walk toward integration and consistent connection with their God Soul and with God Herself.

Braided Cord: Self Mastery and Self Possession. For those fully doing the Work of this God, their True Will who are dedicated to continuing the work of Morningstar in the world.

Additionally, we ask you to check in with 2 peers in Morningstar about your work and whether you are ready to claim your cord.

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Questions to Assess Readiness for Cords (white and blue):

1/How are your Planes of Stability? Are they pretty functional on a regular basis?

2/Knowing there is always more to learn, do you feel you have basic mastery of the work of wand, blade, cup, cube, mirror and cauldron?

3/Do you align daily? Is your daily practice stable? How often do you make kala?

4/How familiar are you with the Morningstar Ritual Protocol?

5/What sort of deity relationship do you practice?

6/Have you been practicing psychic/intuitive skills? What other work do you need to do around this?

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