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Entering the Astral Temple

Here’s what Thorn posted back when we first set it up. This is still the basic procedure.

My one request is to not get caught up in ‘doing it right’. Follow the instructions to the best of your ability and just go!

Do what cleansing and aligning you feel is needed. Cast sphere if it feels right, though it is not strictly necessary. Chant the LVX/NOX prayer.

Slow your breathing down. Feel your dense physical body and your lighter, aetheric forms. Let it be your intention to travel to the common astral space that we are forming together.

Take 7 breaths for the 7 chakras, feeling your physical matter and spirit matter grow more distinct on each breath. If you use color, start with red and end with violet. Imagine or feel yourself traveling in gray space, moving swiftly and surely. Feel your soul’s wish to travel to our temple, the Temple of the Morning Star.

Once you feel you are close, you will see a white door or veil. Pause and center. Say: “I have prepared myself to enter the Temple. I call to the Path! Be open to me. I am ready.” Speak the phrase “[key – see The Temple Keys]” as a key through the white door/veil. Next you will see a black door or veil, and speak the phrase “[key – see The Temple Keys]” as a key through. Next you will see a golden door limned in peacock blue, and speak the phrase “[key – see The Temple Keys]” as a key through.

(Note: the Black door and the Golden door are now placed on either side of the Merkabah. As you pass between them, you pass through the Merkabah. Your call to the Path at the start of the operation “I have prepared myself…” will make this passage easy and clear.)

Once through this final astral door, you will be in a clearing, with the temple in front of you. Approach the temple, walk up the steps to the main door, and say “[key – see The Temple Keys].” The temple door will open.

Om tat sat is sanskrit for “the ultimate truth” which acknowledges our wish to seek unity, our wish to seek truth, our wish to be with God Herself, the fabric of all.

Have fun! Stay in the temple for anywhere between 15 minutes and one hour. Notice what you see/hear/smell etc. Gaze into the pool a little bit. Look around. Make sure you have food and water when you return. When you exit, close the temple door behind you, saying “[key – see The Temple Keys]”.

Go back past the three veils, opening them with a breath. They will naturally close behind you. Bring yourself back through the chakras via breath – if using color, go from violet to red. Feel your spirit and physical bodies growing less distinct. Align. Drink water. Eat some protein. Journal your experience.

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