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Morningstar School Ritual aka Rite of Connection

This was originally created by Tony. It’s intended to be the centerpiece of an in-person retreat, and is about connecting the school as well as giving cords.

  • Unbinding/Holy Mother
  • Cast Circle
  • Honor the Land & Ancestors
  • Call to Guardians
  • Lux/Nox Chant
  • Invoke Melek T’aus
  • Travel to Temple
  • Cording ceremony
  • Connecting to any need for re-commitment or other intentions.
  • Contact LVX – request energy and blessings
  • Send light to the Egregore crystal to bless all students of Morningstar, past present and future
  • Leave the temple, lock the door with the closing key
  • Thank and release Melek T’aus
  • Thank and release the Divine Twins
  • Thank and release the Guardians
  • Thanks to the ancestors and land
  • Close Circle (or keep open)
  • Holy Mother Prayer
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