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Opening the Temple for New Moons

For new moons, we all travel to the temple. Not together, usually, but to help that sense of community and mark the occasion, a volunteer opens the temple. The write-up below is from Louise Leib, who often volunteers to open the temple.

Opening the temple:

  1. Travel to the temple as you normally do.
  2. Once there, take some time to tune in with LVX, as well as the crystal and egregore, in case they have any guidance for temple work that month.
  3. If you feel like doing so, or have been instructed to do so by any of the above, you can perform an energy sweep or other cleansing of the temple space.
  4. When you feel ready, cast sacred space according to Morningstar protocol. You will leave this circle open until you return to close the temple.
  5. If you feel moved to do so, you may invoke deity, the ancestors, however you feel prompted.
  6. After the sphere has been cast, you may spend some time in the temple, or return from the astral as you normally do.
  7. Notify Morningstar members that the temple is open, on the Forum, as well as on the Facebook page for Morningstar members. I usually don’t give out the details on Facebook. On the forum, please let people know when you plan to close the temple.

Returning to close the temple:

  1. Travel to the temple as you normally do.
  2. Again, check in with the energy there, see/feel if there is anything you need to do.
  3. Say farewell to any deities or ancestors you called in.
  4. Close the circle using Morningstar protocol.
  5. Return from the astral as you normally do.
  6. Notify members that the temple is closed on Forum and Facebook.
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