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Why Do We Do Astral Travel?

From Thorn:

It teaches us things about ourselves and the realms seen and unseen that we might not otherwise learn. We can better assess the ways in which magic exists in Mind, Energy, Emotion, and Matter. We can stretch ourselves and our perceptions. We can learn to practice, without knowing whether or not something is “real.” We deepen in the concept of imagination as the real – the Ancient Greeks taught that imagination was more real than matter. We preference the opposite. Astral travel helps us to stretch toward a different understanding of the world.

We can learn to trust our non-rational experiences and give them context within the rational over time.

At this point, Morningstar Mystery School mostly exists online and in astral space. Supporting the astral space helps keep the school intact. Traveling to the temple once or twice a month keeps us better connected to the school. It also helps feed the school energy, enabling it to better be a beacon in the world.

We feed the school, the school feeds us, we can all be beacons to the world.

Please read or re-read the section on astral travel near the end of Evolutionary Witchcraft.

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