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Applying to Join Morningstar

The process for applying to join Morningstar Mystery School is as follows.


Completion of a full Elementals program.
Invitation to apply from Elemental teacher(s).

To apply:

The applicant writes a letter of application to Morningstar, detailing their experience with self-development and magical study and explaining their reasons for applying. What do they bring to the School? What do they offer?
The applicant's teacher(s) from Elementals write an evaluation, detailing their experience teaching the applicant and what the applicant potentially brings to the school.
The applications and evaluations are read and considered by the Steering Committee.

If an applicant’s evaluation is positive, the applicant is accepted. If there is any dissonance between the application and evaluation, or if Steering has concerns that aren’t addressed in them, a third party interviews the applicant and the teacher, then presents their findings to Steering.

Upon acceptance, new students:

Are granted access to the MMS Moodle and the MMS document store by the Temple & Tech Pillar
Are given an orientation document and assigned an existing student as a mentor/buddy to help them get settled 

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