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Retreat 2019: Guardian Ritual

This is an import of the Google doc here: (imported 5/17/22)

“We invoke the Guardians of Matter, Space, and Time. We call them from their vast and distant realms, from the edges of the edgeless worlds. We invoke them from the chambers of our hearts, reflections of their vastness. To summon the Guardians, we must summon the sparks that burn like stars at the core of the soul.” – Thorn via email in the outline for 2014 pantheocon guardian ritual.

Wells are used because of the nature of water to connect to the astral realm, the dreaming realm, and thus the vastness of space where the guardians dwell. To dive deeply into the wells of the guardians is to meet them out in the vastness of these spaces. – paraphrased notes from Brian Dragon (Tony Spurlock) email.

Daniel (Will Castle) started chanting the names long form as devotional ritual in the east coast feri line in the 80s. He led several of these devotional chants in Baltimore during the 00s. He was also in Thorn’s 2.5 year “Feri Training” in 2003 and I have a feeling our short form calling of the Guardians as a group was influenced by his practice.  

Chanting – Allow your whole body to vibrate. You don’t have to stick with the original name – if a tone or sound feels right to keep on, go ahead. This is not about uniformity but about finding the resonance within which is individual to each person. 

Time keeping – Don’t worry about it! I will time keep and signify the start of each round. In a way, this is a super simple ritual. In another way, it requires your entire self to be the bell that rings, the desire that is called. So you must let go any repression to achieve this.

Seven pointed star at middle or seven votive candles

Use bell to signify the start of each new chant cycle

Glasses of water for participants as they chant.

We travel to the Well of Air STARFINDER

Starfinder you are so welcome here.

We travel to the Well of Fire SHINING FLAME

Shining Flame you are so welcome here.

We travel to the Well of Water WATERMAKER

Watermaker you are so welcome here.

We travel to the Well of Earth BLACK MOTHER

Black Mother you are so welcome here.

We travel to the Well of Center (starting with Heaven Shiner to Fire in the Earth to Guardian of the Gates keeper of the black heart) 




Heaven Shiner, Fire in the Earth you are so welcome here.

We affirm our whole and aligned selves as present – Guardian of the Gates – here in this space – keeper of the black heart. We are so welcome here. 

Things may happen here.

Where are we? Who are we? What becomes possible here in this space?

What happens when we are just with the guardians? What is that magic? 

Drink water and eat after this. 

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