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The 2019 Building of the Tomb of Birth

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Before the ritual those at the 2019 retreat discussed the process for building the tomb – general architecture and order of the ritual. Ari stepped in to walk us through the way to the temple; Tony stepped forward to greet the Egregore; and Louise stepped forward to begin the walk to the tomb. We decided that the building of the tomb would be done cumulatively – with those in attendance describing parts ‘popcorn style’ as they felt called to describe the next part of the tomb.

In the ritual for building the Tomb of Birth, we as a group journeyed to the Astral Temple. Ari gave us a tour, including the gates, the merkebah and the wards which are demarcated by turquoise inlaid in gold (10 wards total, 2 at each corner [one at each corner of the ceiling and one at each corner of the floor], with a sun ward above in the dome, and a moon ward below in the pool).
When we entered the temple we greeted the Egregore, which was noticed at the time as floating crystal on an altar.

Together we walked out the back of the temple, (northish) through a grassy field until we found a stairwell that led down to a metal door. When the metal door was opened we found ourselves in a quartz/travertine cave. In this ‘waiting area’ there was on the left, in a niche in the wall, a golden pillar candle for Lux (a light in the dark) that was/is always lit.
Directly across from the door we entered through there is a polished wood door that opens towards the opener by a heavy ring. With the door open you find yourself in the tomb: dark, rough walls (quartz/travertine again). It has benches/tables/shelves of different sizes.

At its creation we offered the Egregore the first chance to lay items to rest in the tomb. After the ritual some of us shared what we saw:

* rigid past
* doubt
* ornate silver mirror representing ‘who is the fairest of all’
* wildflowers/daisies
* Thorn’s moldering corpse
* ‘this stuff isn’t about Thorn anymore’
* Shadowy figures with glowing judging eyes
* Sorrow/disconnection/sadness

Should you want to lay something to rest in the tomb, the forum can be found here

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