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Retreat Traditions and Lore

The annual retreat is awesome and it is extra awesome when we have more people! It is worth setting up a side savings account or something. Also please note that there are often scholarship rates available. If you are having trouble making it work financially, TALK TO THE RETREAT COMMITTEE. We want everyone who wants to come to actually come! Nothing beats in person contact.

What To Bring To Retreat

Always check the specific retreat page for a list! Generally, that list includes:

  • A journal or notebook
  • Things to put on the community altar (stones, crystals, candles, altar cloths, statues, et al)
  • A chalice/cup for the Rite of Unbinding (aka Kala)
  • One or more divination tools (tarot/oracle decks, runes, pendulum, whatever you use)

Things Retreats Need

Things Folks Usually Bring to Retreats

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