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2010 Retreat – Overview From Ealasaid’s Notes

The first Morningstar Mystery School retreat! At YMCA of the Rockies. 4/15/10 – 4/18/10

Exercises and discussions included:

  • Discussion around action, lust of result, desire
  • What is your primary commitment? What other commitments support this (eg sitting)?
  • Demon work as soul retrieval – finding and reintegrating pieces
  • I have done all this before and I will do all this again – but each repetition is deeper, closer to the nova at the center of our self
  • Discernment – how do you get things done without being taken over by getting things done?
  • The more centered in self we are, the less self-centered we need to be
  • Planes of Stability
  • Self-possession is not something we do.
  • The Merkabah
    • Left front: Past – includes ancestors
    • Right back: Future – includes descendents
    • Right front: Fey
    • Left back: Gods
    • Below: Cthonic
    • Above: Expansive
  • Psychic training needs to be part of craft training, but isn’t anymore. We need to reclaim the term “psychic.”
  • Reminders that the more powerful we get, the more attention we draw. Ward physical and astral dwellings, clean and cleanse – Rite of Unbinding
  • Paired exercise – the mask we wear
  • Stop dividing the spiritual and the mundane in our lives – unify!

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